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Stacie Brettner
Travel Boys Basketball Coordinator
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Due to our current COVID-19 situation in Illinois the VH Sports Club boys basketball program has made some changes.

Grades 4 - 5 - 6 will be going to Play Hard Hoops

Grades 7 - 8 will be going to All In Athletics


Vernon Hills Sports Club has partnered with Play Hard Hoops (PHH)

All Tryouts will take place on Thursday, October 15th, 2020 at Adversity - 710 Corporate Woods Pkwy - Vernn Hills 
4th Grade 5:30-6:30pm 
5th Grade 6:40-7:40pm 
6th Grade 7:50-8:50pm 

This link will take you to the PHH Travel Web Page for Vernon Hills. Please note that the VH Cougars will be covering all tryout fees for the 2020-21 season, so just need to register. 



PRACTICE – Team will be expected to practice 1 time per week beginning October 26th – December 14th. Practices will be 90 minutes. There will also be attempts to schedule 2 weekend scrimmage days – 60 minutes

COST: $300 (Paid either Via Venmo: David-Adelman-4 or Pay Pal:  )


PRACTICE  - Teams will practice one time per week beginning January 4 – March 8th.Practices will be 90 minutes (Coaches will have opportunity to schedule extra practices and families can pay extra practice fees separately if set up)

COST: $300 (Paid either Via Venmo: David-Adelman-4 or Pay Pal:  )


This is a fluid situation and there are 3 different options. 

Option 1: Intrateam Scrimmage: This would be the 16-20 kids playing 5th Grade VH Basketball will play 10-12 scrimmage games amongst each other (This is least desirable option)

Option 2: Intra Team Scrimmage with all Play Hard Hoops Teams: Play Hard Hoops will have travel teams of PHH Warriors (Stevenson), PHH Warriors (City), Lake Zurich, & potentially Buffalo Grove & Wheeling. We would set up a 12-15 game schedule where the benefit of all teams being Play Hard Hoops teams will fall under Intra Team Scrimmages with Parental Consent. All participants will have to purchase a $20 PHH Warriors Jersey if this option is used (Best option if restrictions remain in place and Basketball remains a Level 2 Sport)

Option 3: Outside Competition Is Allowed (Level 3 Sport): We will compete against other programs which will include PHH programs listed above and other winter basketball programs that could vary from league play against other community based competition. Other potential competition could include tournament play. We would schedule between 15-25 games based on space and amount of games that can be scheduled (Would expect for players to wear VH Cougars uniforms & will coordinate this with Stacie Brettner)




Vernon Hills Sports Club has partnered with All In Athletics


Boys Tryout Registration

Tryouts will be hosted at the Dunbar Recreation Center - 888 Dunbar Road - Mundelein, IL. 60060


  • Practices – Players will participate in 2 one-hour team practices per week in Mundelein at Dunbar Recreation Center.
  • Games/Scrimmages – According to the guidance set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), basketball can be played at "Level 2", which allows for intra-team scrimmages (with parental consent) but no competitive play. Intra-team scrimmages can be organized for groups of 25 or less. Intra-team scrimmages will be held on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • If the IDPH moves basketball to Level 3 and we, along with our players and families deem it safe to play in tournaments, we will enter teams into local tournaments in addition to playing intra-team scrimmages on the weekends.
    • Tournaments are not allowed in the state of Illinois at this time. If the majority of families on a team are comfortable participating in out-of-state tournaments on the border of Illinois/Wisconsin or Illinois/Indiana, we will create a hybrid schedule of intra-team scrimmages and out-of-state tournaments for the team.
  • Uniform – Each player will receive a reversible jersey.
  • Player Fee – $695 [includes 2 team practices a week, minimum of 20 scrimmages/games and reversible jersey]